Infringment festival 2007 poster

Montreal Infringment Festival 2007

Montreal Infringment Festival Theater at Ctrllab The Infringement Festival is an international, interdisciplinary critical arts festival that features theater, music, film, culture jamming, street performance and visual arts, with an emphasis on activist art and work that challenges the commodification of culture. Montreal Infringement Festival,  a grassroots, Do-It-Yourself festival is based on the original Edinburgh[…]

Double Negative Collective – What We Found Didn’t Exist Without Us

BECAUSE WE DIDN’T FIND WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR WHAT WE FOUND DIDN’T EXIST WITHOUT US. DOUBLE NEGATIVE FILM COLLECTIVE Founded in 2004, the Double Negative Collective (le collectif Double négatif) is a Montreal-based group of film, video, and installation artists dedicated to creating, curating, and disseminating experimental film. Ten of the Double Negative Film[…]