Traces of Yesterday – Its Effect on our Today

Art Matters – Traces of Yesterday 

Collecting physical fragments left by experience is sometimes necessary to preserve something before it is lost. Traces of Yesterday explored how images have the power to evoke different interpretations of memory and time.

Ctrllab‘s first exhibit – March 2007 – What a way to start our blog and tell you all our story and that of the many people that crossed our path.

Blue Booties await you at the door, ‘slip them over your shoes please‘, worried about the snow, stones, and salt damaging our brand new floors. We stood there watching as hundreds of young artists walked in to our space – leaving a trail of water as the snow turned into a slush in their blue plastic shoe traps. We laughed, excited to see how this will all turn out, how it will change each of our lives, and set us on the road we are now.

Art Matters Traces of Yesterday – was curated by Andrea Velazquez, which in turn, joined Ctrllab’s team in 2010. The exhibit featured works by Laura Dutton Shannon Linde Brian HunterCatherine Tremblay. Yes they are all still doing what they love, so check where they are now.

Furthermore, in case you haven’t heard – in the news this week – Brian Hunter wins the 18th RBC Canadian Painting Competition !!! Congratulation Brian – We are so proud to be part of your journey.

Seems like only yesterday you had your first exhibit at Ctrllab.

Read more about his work and his win with  CBC Globe & MailConcordia News

So, here we are, opening our doors again, to the emerging and mid-career artists of Canada and the world. Hoping to leave another trace in the future of the makers and shakers of the art world, and the memory of the community that supports it and us.

Art Matters - Traces of Yesterday








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