Montreal Infringment Festival 2007

Infringment festival 2007 poster

Montreal Infringment Festival

Theater at Ctrllab

The Infringement Festival is an international, interdisciplinary critical arts festival that features theater, music, film, culture jamming, street performance and visual arts, with an emphasis on activist art and work that challenges the commodification of culture.

Montreal Infringement Festival,  a grassroots, Do-It-Yourself festival is based on the original Edinburgh Fringe of 1947! Made to make an impact and protect independent arts from corporate interference, this festival is likely for you!

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In 2007, ctrllab hosted its first theater setup at the Montreal Infringment Festival, while also exhibiting the works of visual artists Isa Pardi and Nikki Smith.

Check out the info bellow, and find out what went on during that week at Ctrllab

Origami by Nikki

Since childhood, Nikki has always enjoyed paper. Spending her time in Montreal doing quiet shifts in sleazy dives on St. Laurent, she got to turn the bills in the cash register into a wardrobe of folded shirts and matching boots. Then she moved on to bigger and better things making paper balls out of six and sometimes 30 pieces of paper. She doesn’t use glue.

Infringment 2007 setup

The Blind Date –Carlo DiMarco

A humorous story of a blind man and a young sighted woman who fall in love through touch. A convergence of two worlds, using brail as their cupid, to find a new meaning for beauty. A new work from revolutionary blind educator Carlo DiMarco.


Don’t Let the Sun Come Up on Me: Dracula in a Time of Climate Change
The Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theater

Vampires are rarely confronted with the question of their own mortality. But with rivers rising, ice caps melting, and blood becoming ever more toxic, Dracula is faced with an important dilemma. If the humans he feeds on go extinct, what happens to vampires?† A play about bloodsucking, existential torment, and the end of the world.

Infringment 2007 the men behind the work
Matt Jones (Left) is an Artistic Director, writer, and dramaturg behind Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theater.  Jason C. McLean (Right) Co-founder of Montreal Infringment Festival

Lot Lizards – Stephen Shellenberger and Kim Ange

Lot Lizards takes place at a truck stop in a lean-to. Two down-and-out prostitutes coexist despite the harshest of situations; a story of misguided triumph over a dangerous and lonely world. Tim and Norm cling to one another, and although it is not a conventional relationship, these two have learned through their own broken lives to accept love on their terms, not ours. After all, if a flower can somehow grow through a crack in the pavement, perhaps love can survive in Tim and Norm’s lean-to. A respected filmmaker, writer, and director, Shellenberger has incorporated digital media into the play, for a stunning and original effect.

Love (of Christ) Letters –Gail Golden/Dramatic Solutions

A staged reading of emails between a liberal Jewish woman from Buffalo and a conservative Christian man from Tampa—anti-Semitism, homophobia, and racism in Disney World!

Infringment festival 2007 poster

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